Saturday, September 19, 2009

Quinn's "Locked In" Adventure

We have a closet in our basement where we keep games, a refrigerator, etc. It has a lock on it because Michael's work supplies are inside another closet within the first. . .I know, it's weird. Anyhow, Quinn frequently goes into this closet, pulls out some cans or bottles from the fridge and plays in there. I didn't think anything of it until I went in to take care of some things. I knew he was in there, and had only been inside the closet for a few minutes. When I went to go in, it was locked. He had locked the dead-bolt AND the handle. We have a key to the dead-bolt, but not the handle. I tried to get him to unlock it, but he just kept trying to open the door, not unlock it! First thought: panic. So, I screamed for Michael and he came running. We tried to figure out any way to get him out quickly, but couldn't think of anything. Cade was VERY upset by now, thinking that he would never see his brother again, and he starts crying. I start praying! Michael asks me to get a screw driver and hammer and procedes to remove the door from it's hinges. The whole time, we were only hoping that it would work since both locks were locked. It took a while, but he did get it off. We kept hearing Quinn say "Hold You!" (Which in Quinn-speak means "Hold Me!") So, we knew he wanted out, but who did we find, cool as a cucumber, in there when the door came off? Quinn. . .just sitting there. . .with MURPHY! Poor Dog! He didn't know what he was getting into when he went in there! I took Quinn upstairs and Cade was so upset, but once he saw that little brother of his, he was visibly relieved. I grabbed my camera and caught this picture of the 2 of them. . . and then Michael putting the door back on! Oh. . . I did fail to mention that poor Quinn endured all of this while suffering a pretty high fever. He's a trooper!
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cade's First Colts Game

We took Cade to his first Colts game this past week. Jaguars vs Colts. He had a great time, and loved finding his favorite players on the field as they played! I don't know how many times he said "There's Peyton Manning!"
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